Rumford Firebox and Throat
(No Floor)

RH30″     $1440.00

RH36″     $1875.00

RH42″     $2460.00

RH48″     $3025.00

Rumford Quad Firebox and Throat
(No Floor)

RQ30″     $1750.00

RQ36″     $2070.00

RQ42″     $2640.00

RQ48″     $3360.00

Herringbone Firebox



Quad Herringbone Firebox

Herringbone Firebox(No Floor)

H30″ $1020.00

H36″ $1300.00

H42″ $1680.00

H48″ $1700.00

H60″ $3085.00

H72″ $4165.00

Quad-Herringbone Firebox
(No Floor)

Q30″ $1320.00

Q36″ $1500.00

Q42″ $1860.00

Q48″ $2340.00

Q60″ $3420.00

Q72″ $4500.00

Rumford Throat

R30″ $420.00

R36″ $570.00

R42″ $780.00

R48″ $1020.00


F30″ $120.00

F36″ $150.00

F42″ $210.00

F48″ $270.00

F60″ $540.00

F72″ $720.00

All prices are FOB Alma, MO. Taxes, shipping & handling are not included. All fireboxes are Herringbone or Quad-Herringbone pattern, with custom patterns available upon request.

Installed throats must be covered solid with masonry to top of throat for flue base and heat isolation.

Each throat is ready to lay on. There is no need for extra support or bracing.

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